Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever

by New Swears

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Tiah Keever
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Tiah Keever Dudes. Check these guys out if you like fun. They are akin to a Canadian version of Dirty Fences with their stage presence and poppy jaunty punky rock. I loved seeing them live and bought both of their records, which they seemed surprised about, but I'm glad I did because I'm not going to Canada anytime soon, fools, and I hate ordering vinyl in the mail. If they come to a town near you definitely go see them!
my gut says tonights the one you're gonna feel your heart gettin' really into it ain't no woman going to tear us apart you know your co-co powder lips you know they get me really into it ain't no butcher going to cut you apart you know, you sneak your way into my heart ain't no bitch gonna mess you around its just the way that it goes when you come to this town and were getting fucked up and we start to feel tough if my momma caught me and you kissin' she wouldnt get it she'd probably be dissin' taking shots underneath the moon the pressures going to get you but i think your cool ain't no brother going to hide you from this lover, man you might be back, but that don't mean i don't miss you and its a fact that imma save myself till you come back you know its real, you always get me really into that show up to the party, motorcyle on the lawn check it out im getting shy still buzzin with it real people, real rock'n'roll mother fuckers who's the fairest of all these midnight lovers?
Main Stream 02:49
remember when we first met you had holes in your fishnets darling staring at the ceiling smoking weed and blowing out smoke rings But now you're wearing ray bans and listening to hip bands and i've been getting way to main stream for ya and i just feel like... And all the kids are singing we're out of touch in the fashion scene thats what we read in a magazine but we've been wearing the same shirt and pants since 1993 some band already did that but we don't really give a shit we're just having way too much fun to care about the bull shit they say we suck we'll never make it no respect and we break shit but life is moving way too fast for us and we don't want to waste it and my ears keep ringing the wolves are coming out to play they’re getting sick of minimum wage and the eyes have got a brand new number its the feel good hit of the summer
Stay Gold 03:41
another night gone head buried in the porcelain throne another hit to the brain cuts from glass all over my skin when will we grow up 23 and I'm all fucked up my life is liquor and porn drugs broken bottles and bad role models All i need is a gold chain and some lady friends around me hey DJ pump the bass let the money rain down around me something else gone wrong cop sirens, it won't be long hated by every neighbour me and my friends are all misbehavers we still think we're kids almost burned every last bridge someone lock me in a cage imheaded to an early grave but thats the way she goes thats the life we chose blood stains on our clothes and drugs up our nose and all im saying is.. I wanna play a solid gold guitar to match the grillz on my teeth bottle service at the bar i wanna smoke all my weed for free are we just young adults with a lust for drugs and a guest list spot into the 27 club when hearts grow cold and people speak crazy stay gold and be cool baby don't you wish your boyfriend was a punk like me
TV Shows 02:13
i got my arms around your waist and i think its a waste of time and i've never seen your face in real life and i'd almost rather do shit all then sit around and watch some shows i know you like your t.v. shows i know you like your t.v. shows in my car with the windows up and when your all coked out your don't feel like making out i know you like my t-shirt washed you know i like your t-shirt off and when i'm black out drunk and when your out of touch do you really want to be that girl? i got my hound dogs at the gate and i'm not going to let em of leash until your make that beast go away and i'd really rather make no sense then talk about it logically i know you like celebrities i know you like smoking weed in your room where you get me off and when your on the rag being sober just aint what it used to be
Candy Land 02:48
The sun breaks through the shade I drank enough to send a normal man to his grave I don't know how I'm going to make it through the day so light up my cigarette and lets do it all again I feel myself growing older its all these sleepless nights, these fist fights I got a growing mountain of trouble Last nights mistakes weigh heavy on my mind light up my cigarette and ill act like I'm fine My outlook on life aint what it used to be these depressing thoughts, they got a stronger hold on me I don't know what I'm going to do with myself turn off my brain and put a cigarette in my mouth
Day Dreaming 02:46
work in the sun all day get home i hope i get laid louie call me on the phone talking about some place he’s at and sounding real gone can't pay my rent again collecting favours from friends one thing that i have is friends always good for a laugh Day dreaming drinking all my worries away Day dreaming Smoking darts with Luke and Dave Of all the things i've lost I miss my mind the most you caught me right before i fell my friend and you nursed me back to perfect heath you know the truth is the hardest can't tell if you're being honest with me I can turn on a dime and give you 9 cents change believe it drinking all my worries away day dreaming smoking darts with luke and dave
Sweet Donna 02:43
got my daddy's pick-up truck got a horse in the stable and i'm ready to do some labour fairs in town im going to pick you up were going to sit by the river going to sip out my favorite stuff going to write you a country song going to make you feel special going to hum it the whole night going to get into your bed tonight going to kick off your boots and make your body feel nice orange skys on the ferris wheel were getting heavy and hot and i want to give you something like a ring whats your name you say "donna" your probably the first girl i think i'll show to momma driving down that country road its the same damn road that your daddy road a horse on going to crank up this country tune don't worry donna were going to be there soon i laugh about shit with you we tell some jokes and you do too by the river the trash be flowin' i say 1000 "hellos" till you lean in real close whats your style? whats your look? are you looking for boys? do you like to read books? and if i get down on one knee can we buy a big house with an apple tree? well i'm into cow-boy boots dirty hard working man who can make this flower bloom and i guess your cool as long as your keep writin' country tunes
Cool Aid 02:38
why you scamming on my cool aid dude, common dude i'm going to be honest i think its really rude dude, common dude there's plenty of honeys and they're all staring at you dude, common dude so why you scamming on my cool aid? you say she looks good everybody knows seems like you're getting closer after every smoke in the heat of the moment I know how it is so you better back off buddy cause' its none of your busines
lonely high way truck stop lines on the road lines up my nose prostitute's the only pussy i know thunder storm driving on meth and speed AM, FM the only friend i need oh shit got the cops in my mirror Last sip of beer before i shift into gear just truckin' to make a buck and spend it all legalize freedom and stick it to the man
No Fun 03:45
Strangle me to hell I'm lying face down on the hot concrete wondering how long its going to take to make a man out of me I lost my love I lost my mind 23 just wasn't meant to be running out of nice things to say I'd rather be fucked than be myself say what you gotta say spit it out, put me in my place throw myself into the ground take me to the country and put me down won't ever come to the end of the night tomorrows a drag forget about day light do what i can to forget who i am i'd rather be fucked than be myself talking to me like you're my best friend it makes more sense when i pretend saw you on the street just the other day acting like you didn't recognize my face regretting the words as they come out of my mouth people saying that I'm never going to figure it out when the sun goes down I'm somebody else raspberries? in fact i’ll help myself!


Ottawa's favorite party punks return with best batch of songs yet! I've said this before, but I'll say it again...imagine Black Lips jamming with the Mean Jeans and you'll have a pretty good reference point. So grab a bottle of booze, stick an M-80 in your nose, and join the party!


released May 5, 2001

-Beej Eh
-Scru Bar
-Nick Nofun
-Sammy J Scorpion

recorded by Yogi Perogi


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