Motivation Problems

by Future Girls

Bowing Out 02:06
singled out i’m falling down i’ve got a million reasons to just get out of this broke town before it changes seasons these cracked up sidewalks drag me home to the only place where i'm never ever really alone i'm never ever really alone stumbling through this post adolescence reaching out brass ring in hand does all of my success? depend on this? and why does everyone around me always bum me out? or why i'm left stuck dealing with self doubt and everyday i wake up and then i see myself as something else that i’ll never be these times idling at the red light in my brain drifting on and on its time to breathe take a walk i'm bowing out
this mess is mine we find our resolutions on a friday night walking home at 2am from the bar i watch the time the clock ticks faster late at night it doesn’t really matter nowhere else to be is this a sign retrace steps under power lines the sky gets brighter and it’s easier to see we’ll be just fine up till the morning trying to feel alive the street lights flicker as we shuffle down the street the cynicisms getting old so i'm told i've thought it out let’s float it off to sea
Words I Find 01:57
writers block again you know running dry on inspiration everybody gets this way i'm told that it all works out i'm putting the pen to bed running dry on inspiration empty thoughts are running through my head this will not work out another dry spell i'm working through got twenty seven unfinished love songs that are all about you this is all about you and these are the words i find you’re always on my mind
June 23rd 01:40
morning coffee fighting off this month tally up the fights i haven’t won when does everything get to be too much? this growing pit in my stomach my burning eyes i haven’t showered in days and i don’t care about much at all these days you try and convince me otherwise sinking deeper and deeper into myself watching the time pass by and every song turns out the same constantly argue but everyones to blame keep forcing all of the words that i think but won’t be heard has everything gotten to be too much? this giant pit in my stomach and my burning eyes i haven’t showered in days and i don’t care about much at all these days
morning coffee fighting off this month tally up the fights i haven’t won when does everything get to be too much? this growing pit in my stomach cross my t’s cross my eyes there is ringing in my head cycling through this never ending repetition of how every day is the same and the same and the same repeat myself again and again and again am i invisible? can i just pretend that everything is fine all of the time you’re no better at finding the words to not fall apart
At It Again 03:35
live my life compiling empty lists lacking comfort with no regrets it keeps keeping me awake but sleep is for the weak these weeks keep filling all my time can't breathe a second i don't mind that i'm in the background trying to survive another dead end work week trying to see through my defeat at my own hands and now i find that time keeps moving on so much i haven't done just give me a second to breathe to wake up and find relief motivation problems are every day your lips are always moving but they're never saying anything more than a story you've told us all before of what you did what you've done and all the ways that you're not having fun i guess i'm at it again beginning and ends and you want everyone to be just as miserable as you are and that's a line that i won't cross and i guess this time you've gone too far
these street are crowded im a mess fading away into excess i haven’t seen the sun in days fighting through the winter haze i'll never figure it out i’m slower than the rest sitting quietly regress into the person that you miss impressing marks into my skin the gravity is setting in i’ll never figure it out i’m slower than the rest
think hard and never get to sleep snooze long walk fast i can’t keep up ten in a row born wrong and stumble from the start question the ways i break your heart why i don’t know wasting my time i'm out of key stuck with misguidance and apathy everyone knows but i don’t know dive bars construction everywhere i’m barely alive i’m rarely here why i don’t know empathize with all of my friends when at the end we start again repeat ourselves like everybody else it feels like i'm wandering around eyes open and brain shutting down feeling like nothing’s the every day and everybody lose
Day Job 01:13
clocked in again i don’t like it can’t we just pretend that this isn’t a privilege and it doesn’t matter about all the ways you’re suffocating or why i’m never coming back ride the wave of the 9 to 5 broken body static communication are you watching over me?
Parading 02:12
sitting back to watch and wait these wheels keeping turning oh whoa i'm burned out waiting for a bus to catch cause everyone i know seems to be doing ok but it isn’t quite the same today no matter what i say can fight away the dark and gray i’ve got twelve dollars to my name i’m just like everybody else i guess theres no one i can blame at least i probably have my health and these are only problems that everybody seems to face and these are only problems with dealing with the day to day i'm just like everybody else
Do I Exist 02:47
am i a ghost just a shadow in the wind flickering the lights off and on again can you hear me calling out my crimes of am i just not worth the time am i invisible to everybody else distort this perception of myself the days go from long to short and back i still don’t know how i should react do i even exist at all keep waiting to break my own fall do i even exist at all? am i stagnating or just staring at the wall spring has faded into my oncoming fall who knows where i’ll be the next time october comes to claim my mind and then the cycle begins again downturn this recovery to resurrection i close my eyes with blinking fists and i'm left to wonder what if i don’t exist? hood up eyes down i walk downtown mumbling sorrys and apologies to everyone i meet do i even exist at all keep waiting to break my own fall do i even exist at all


Future Girls started in 2015 as a songwriting outlet for Matty Grace (Fat Stupids, Weekend Dads). Later that year, she recruited Heather Grant (Crossed Wires), Dewayne Shanks (Crossed Wires, Botfly) and Coleman Johnston (The Scoop Outs) to fill out the band.

“Motivation Problems” is the debut full length from the band. Self described as “Bummer Punk." It balances lyrical themes of gender dysphoria, depression and geographic isolation with sonic elements drawn from college rock and pop punk similar to Superchunk, Measure (SA), and Tenement.

Download includes a PDF of the lyrics.


released June 1, 2018


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